University of Raparin starts its final examinations

While coming up to  final examinations in all academic institutions in the Kurdistan Region, especially in universities, University of Raparin has now made all the preparations for the final exams in faculties, schools and departments. Accordingly, University of Raparin has formulated examination committee for all faculties in order to make a suitable and calm situation for students.

With regard to this year’s final examination, Mr Rzgar Qadir Peerot, from faculty of Basic Education and head of the examination committee said: our committee has made all the preparations for the exams, and we have held three meetings for this reason so far. In addition, in our faculty we held a workshop for our lecturers so as to give them instructions on preparing paper tests and invigilating exam halls during the exam.  With respect to exam schedule and to make an easy process for the students, we also met with the students’ representative. 
He further stated that, according to the time and directives of their committee” the evening examinations will be on 6/6/2015 and the morning examinations is on 7/6/2015, about 1500 student from our faculty will participate in the exams”
Dr. Muslim Hassan, from faculty of Humanities and head of the examination committee supposed “we had a meeting with the dean and lecturers of the faculty on questions, scoring and arranging the examination halls”.
He also mentioned the directives and number of students” we have 683 students that will participate in the final examinations, students should be present on time, we hope success to our students”. Translated By, Sirwan and Ahmed