University of Raparin Comes in Level 5 among Kurdistan University Websites Ranking

University of Raparin was also included in the web matrix ranking list for year 2015 and put level 44 Mr. Araz Ramazan director of relations and media at Raparin university said to University of Raparin's website that Alexa .com is an independent American company which is the second part of Amazon company specialized for collecting web data, Alexa is a professional website for evaluating and ranking websites all over the world. This company has announced its final ranking list for this year in which University of Raparin got level 5 among other Kurdish Universities websites.

Mr.Araz also added “we have been communicating with the Web Matrix and they could add university of Raparin to the ranking list for the first time and came in the level 44 in the list of Iraqi and Kurdistan Universities ranking list. In the near future Eurasian universities ranking list will be announced, university of Raparin, as a permanent member of Eurasian universities union has done the best to collect and submit all the inquired data to the union, it has been decided that the list of Eurasian universities ranking will be published in the near future, the ranking system of this union is internationally recognized alike the Times and Shanghai ranking system. For more information visit links below