Kurdish Young Universities Invited by Turkish Universities

 With the support if Ishik University in the Kurdistan Region and guided by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, a delegation from Kurdish young universities paid a formal visit to Turkey so as to establish scientific and academic relationships with Turkish universities.

On Jan. 23rd, 2015, directors of International Relations from Kurdish young universities and together with director of International Relations from Ministry of Higher Education arrived in Ankara-Turkey. On The first day, the delegation visited Mevlana University in Konya and held a meeting with university president and his academic companions, and later on in an open workshop, they exchange information about Mevlana University and Kurdish universities in which program study systems and teaching methods in both countries were discussed.  On the second visiting day, the Kurdish delegation was invited by Maliksah University and welcomed by a high delegation from university council. Then, they discussed and exchanged information about Meliksah University and Kurdish universities. It is worth mentioning that the Kurdish young Universities’ delegation is going to visit both Turgut Özal University y and Ipek University in Ankara in the future.
Mr. Araz R. Ahmad, director of International Relations at Raparin University, who was a member of the delegation, said that the visit was arranged by Ishik University and directed by director of International Relations’ director of Ministry of Higher Education, and the aim of the visit, he said, was to establish and develop scientific and academic relationships between universities from both countries.  He further added: the purpose of such visits is to make contact with Turkish universities and sign memorandum of understanding between universities in the future in the areas of study program development, academic staff, lecturer and student exchange, and academic conference and  scientific research participation. Translated by:
Sirwan H. Khdhir