The US General Consulate holds a seminar for students and staff at Raparin University

On Tuesday January 20, 2015, a delegation from US general consulate in Kurdistan Region-Iraq was invited by University of Raparin’s directorate of relations, members of the delegation, Reving Mzuri, scientific and educational advisor, Dler Ali Muhamad, specialist of cultural affairs at US general consulate in Kurdistan Region.

The Seminar was hold at faculty of Basic education, in which students at the 4th stage and university staff were attended. This seminar provided an overview on skills needed for studying in USA. Mr.Araz Ramazan, director of University of Raparin’s Relations and Media office said “the main purpose of holding this seminar is to provide students with suitable information and knowledge about the educational system in the USA in addition of informing students for applying for American visa and legal issues through the US general consultant in Erbil.
Mr. Reving Mizuri , the scientific and educational advisor at the US general consultant in Erbil explained the main subjects presented in the Seminar that included:
•    Iraqi students exchange program
•    Educational system in the USA combined of:
•    Types of higher educational institutes in America
•    University Ranking sorts
•     Educational Funds and fees  
•    Selecting an American University
•    Getting offer in an American University •    Conditional offers in some of the American universities for HCDP students and those who have got scholarships in one of the American University •    Overview on educational services given to Kurdistan Universities Dler Ahmed talked to our University Website and said “every year the USA gives various opportunities for students, teachers, government staff and cultural society by providing 12 educational, scientific and cultural exchange programs.