Raparin University’s Staff and Students statistics

Directorate of Planning- Statistics and Information Technology is one of the directorates that opened with the opening of University of Raparin. The directorate’s function is to prepare statistics on lecturers, employees and students.

Concerning the statistics of lecturers and students of the academic year 2014-2015, Soran Omer, Manager of Directorate of Planning- Statistics and Information Technology, said that more than 3000 students are studying at University of Raparin at the moment, and in the three graduated sessions, about 1000 students graduated, and for this academic year (839) students were accepted in University of Raparin.
He also mentioned that The University of Raparin has 52 lecturers holding PhD. degree and 154 lecturers holding Master’s degree, he added more and said that 44 students were accepted in a higher education studies.
Translated by: Ahmed Hamasur