University of Raparin Held a Two Days Course on Environmental Awareness

On 7th December, 2014 Aviar Environment Awareness Organization held a two days course on (Environmental Awareness) to Raparin University employees, and 27 employees were participated.

Dr. Sabah Rasheed, vice president for Higher Education and scientific research affairs, was present at the course and gave his speech “such courses are very useful, not just for employees but also for students in order to keep our environment safe and clean”.
 Aso Shkak, Aviar Environment Awareness Organization manager expressed that the mission in opening such courses is to give a higher awareness to the University staff and our citizens about keeping our environment clean. At the end of the course, the employees were given a participation certificate.
Aviar Environment Awareness Organization was founded in 2013, and has cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Previously, the organization held several other courses in other universities.
Translated by: Ahmed Hamasur