University of Raparin Held a Debate about ‘Stop Violence against Women’

In the light of ‘stop violence against women’ on 24/11/2014 University of Raparin cooperated by Rania Activity Youth Centre, held a debate.

President of Raparin University,Raparin province administrator, Rania Mayor, Director of Anti violence against women directorate and many journalists and activists were present. The debate was focused on four major fields.
At the beginning ‘Chlura Herdi’ women scope activist, talked about gender in social ranges. Later on Dr. Ahmad Mahmood University lecturer, revealed women violent sources in our society. After that Salah Ali, had a word in title ‘how to decrease violence against women’. Samira Muhammad, women scope activist, also joined the debate and talked about the main principles of violence against women and their effects on the society.
At the end of the debate, attendees were given a chance to have their comments on the mentioned fields.