University of Raparin takes part in IREX program” KRUPP”


University of Raparin takes part in IREX program” KRUPP” Kurdistan Rural University Partnership Program, first workshop in Erbil

On Monday 6/1/2014 the IREX program for the three selected universities in Kurdistan region started

, the workshop took two working days, among the participants, representative of ministry of higher education Dr. Berwan Khailani presented ministry of higher education’s speech about the program, besides, cultural affair’s officer of THE US-Embassy-Iraq-General consulate of Erbil had his speech, the program leaders from “Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Virginia Tech)” and IREX program manager and staff with participants of “University of Raparin, University of Zakho, University of Halabja ” attended the workshop.

  The IREX first workshop had series session of seminars and discussions among the main important topics “an introduction to Curriculum Development, Adult Learning Theory and Practice, Globalization in Higher Education, An Introduction to University Planning, Learning-Centered/Teaching/ Student Centered Learning, An Introduction to Shared Governance” worth mentioning that participants from university of Raparin actively participated in almost all topics and debates. The program is going on as online participation, and activities of the course are available online.

The University leaders will develop knowledge in university management and explore solutions to address management challenges at their universities, especially in English Language development and Curriculum development. Besides, the program will strengthen the linkage between USA partnering university and KRG universities in the future