A workshop on: The role of the University on protecting the archeological sites.

On Monday 06/04/2013 a workshop was held under the title ‘‘the significance of archeological sites in ‘Bitween’ and ‘Pishdar’ area.”
The workshop was prepared by the department of History at faculty of Basic Education and Humanities Science, school of Humanities Science

The university president Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Abdullah has given the opening speech, in which he mentioned the importance of archeological sites, and the university’s role to propose solutions and recommendations for the protection of the historic remaining in the region, besides the university’s potential role in rising social awareness in protecting these sites. Besides, he focused on the academic and scientific progresses that have been made in University of Raparin.
During the workshop the University instructors presented many historical facts about the sites in the region and the detailed historical information about each site was given by specialists. They explained how some of these archeological sites have been neglected and used as a land for private interests. The main goal was to give urgent recommendations to be taken to protect these sites as national heritages.