Symposium to Discuss Coronavirus Dimensions

In an attempt to raise awareness concerning and protection from the communicable virus; on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, College of Basic Education in coordination with Directorate General of Healthcare in Raparin Province held a symposium to discuss coronavirus dimensions.

In the beginning, Dr. Rzgar Haji Salih, dean of college of Basic Education, in a speech thanked Directorate of Raparin Healthcare for arranging such an activity, after that he presented a summary about the origins of the virus and the way it spreads as well as self-protection measures. He also pointed out to measures taken by the KRG to prevent spreading the virus in the region.
Later, the symposium continued with two panels. In the first one, Dr. Saeed Osman provided an introduction about the coronavirus, followed by Mzafar Abdullah’s seminar which was about the coronavirus and its characteristics. finally, the third seminar on procedures of self-protection from the disease presented by Hassan Khdir Ahmed.
In the second panel, Assistant Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abdulrahman presented a seminar entitled “diseases between God’s punishment and nature of life”. To end with, both researchers, Dr. Payman Rmazan and Jamal Al-Din Khdir, in the concluding seminar shed light on “political and economic impacts of coronavirus on countries”. Numerous university lectures and students took part in the symposium, in which useful information and awareness procedures presented.

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