Today, Thursday, 13th December of 2018, 'Dr. Mowfaq' announced two essential during an event publicizing Digital channels in the University's Activity hall.

In his address ' Dr. Mowfaq' outlined the importance and achievement of the projects and he acclaimed their positive prospect for the University of Raparin.
The first project named ' Tigres' aims to align the practices of Kurdistan universities with international norms and standards. The project drives from the Bologna system, supervised by the University of Göttingen in Germany, supported the European Union. This project involves cooperation with 15 other higher education institutions. Eight Kurdish governmental and non-governmental universities are involved with the project. A commission was giving authority to hold a 3- day seminar concerning this project at the university. A number of universities and higher educational institutions participated.
With reference to an another initiative of the University of Raparin 'Dr. Mowfaq Khalid', reported a second project named "Our University is the Home For Everyone" which the council of the university accepted. As long as each disabled candidate attains a score of 70%, they will be permitted to study and be supplied with various study tools, as well as offered university tutoring. If the students pursue courses in the parallel system of evening courses, or any public or private training programme, the university will cover the cost of his/her studies in one course in any university department.