Educational Management course certificate given to course takers

Certificates were given to those who took part in an Educational Management course at the University of Raparin on 8th October 2018. The event took place in the University's Activity Hall and Dr. Muafaq Khalid Ibrahim, President of Raparin University, was in attendance.
First, Dr. Mufaq Khalid Ibrahim, in his remarks, highlighted the course's effectiveness. He stated, "I know for a fact that the course was largely productive, and it had a good effect in boosting your management skills. I highly appreciate the efforts of those who ran the course and I am also grateful to the course participants."
Finally, special certificates were given to the Higher Committee and the course participants were also presented with their certificates.
All of the employees of the University of Raparin took part in the course which was jointly opened in the summer by the Directorates of Management, Educational Activities, and Sports.