An international workshop on Implementation of ECTS to be held at University of Raparin

As part of its commitment to achieving the goals of the EU-Funded Tigris Project for internationalisation, University of Raparin is hosting a workshop on the Implementation of ECTS at Kurdish Higher Education Institutes, scheduled to take place December 11th-13th.

Hosted and arranged by UoR’s Directorate of International Relations, the three-day workshop will aim at how Kurdish HEIs can align themselves with the European standards of higher education by introducing ECTS-based programs. The workshop is one of many workshops planned to take place both in Europe and Kurdistan Region.
The workshop brings together eight Kurdish public universities, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Kurdistan Institute for Scientific and Strategic Studies as well as four European partners. There will be a number of internationalisation-related seminars by Dr. Marian McCarthy, Interim Vice President for Teaching and Learning, University College Cork, and Dr. Carlos Machado, educational advisor and ECTS expert. During the workshop many important topics will be addresses such as Introduction to Bologna Principle and System, Understanding Learning Outcomes, Competence-based Approach Curriculum, and Recognition of Studies and Magna Carta.
The workshop also allows the project Consortium to hold a Project Management Meeting during the first day of the workshop, where the project partners can discuss plans for the second year of the project.