Scientific workshop about Bologna System launched at University of Raparin

A scientific workshop was organized by the University of Raparin, in collaboration with the University of Charmo, on 24th October, 2018, in the university's 'Activity Hall'. This workshop took place in the presence of President of the University of Raparin Dr. Muafaq Khalid Ibrahim and President of the University of Charmo Dr. Salah Raza Saed, together with delegates from the University of Halabja.
At the beginning of the workshop, Dr. Muafaq Khalid Ibrahim delivered a speech in which he welcomed attendees and spoke of the importance of implementing the Bologna System at universities, especially at the University of Raparin. He described this process as a “major step” and “a good strategy for reforming the higher education system”. He also thanked the University of Charmo for showing support and assistance in implementing this system at the University of Raparin.
In turn, in his speech Dr Salah Raza pointed out the crucial role to be played by the Bologna System and, also, briefly touched upon the mechanism for carrying it out.
Three seminars then took place. Mr. Saman Muhammad Osman, lecturer at the University of Raparin, gave a seminar on the topic of Curriculum Reform at the University of Raparin - Implementing ECTS–Based Programs. Then Mr.Shakhawan Hars, lecturer at the University of Charmo, spoke on the topic of Implementing the Bologna Process at Charmo University. The third and final seminar was also given by Mr. Shakhawan Hars on the topic of Foundation Year at Charmo University. Finally, the workshop ended after an open discussion.