MERI Institute supervises journalism course at University of Raparin

The Middle East Research Institute (MERI), in cooperation with the Publication Directorate of Raparin University, has opened a programme for training journalists under the aegis of the Ranya administration.
The course, which began on Wednesday 30th October, 2018, from 10.00 to 4:30 in the afternoon, was designed to develop the abilities of journalists from all over the area.
Twenty-four journalists participated in the course, which focused on three main aspects. The first one, presented by the media coach ‘Salam’, focused on the definition of modern journalism, how to write news and train participants to choose their topics. The second part of the course looked at the significance of publication and its impact and importance for the project. This was led by the publication administrator to the Ambassador of the USA, Mr. Serbaz Hama Rasheed. There was also a presentation about stylistic research in the media field by the University’s Dr. Aras Ramazhan. The last part of the conference was about the role of investigation in journalism tasks, which was conducted by Dr. Dllawar Alla Adeen.
Attendees completed evaluation forms and were also presented with certificates of attendance.
The Training Journalists Project is supported by financial aid from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and supervised by the Meri Institute.