A Lecturer at University of Raparin Publishes Two Researches in an International Journal

A lecturer at the University of Raparin publishes two researches in the “(Journal "Science, Engineering & Education", University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia, Bulgaria.) which is an international Journal published in Bulgaria.
Mr. Kamal Smaiel Muhammed Barznji Ph.D. student at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy in Bulgaria and the Lecturer at the university of Raparin talked to us about publishing two scientific researches in an international Journal about (Review of big data and big data mining for adding big value to enterprises) and (A framework for cloud based hybrid recommender system for big data mining)

He said that the content of the researches were about dealing with “Big Data” and the researches are important concerning today’s technology dealer using big data, which is sometimes called the “Big Data Era” every day billions of data (Petabyte) are produced by the users of (Social Networks, Social Media Sites, Companies, Networking, Universities, Hospitals, Institutions etc.)
Data have a great value and various types such as (Texts, Pictures, Videos etc.), and most of the data are not organized they are Unstructured Data, few of them are arranged or semi-arranged, which are called Structured or Semi-Structured Data, in this concern dealing with these types of data and saving them is not an easy job, some of these data are not perfect data and they are useless, so we need new methods of technology to save, analyze, rearrange and solve them, this could be done through (Algorithms/ Technologies with Cloud), because old technological methods cannot save and solve these various and big data, however there are some ways used to solve and deal with Big Data such as ( Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, LinkedIn etc.), each of them has used their special way of technology to save and solve these data, in addition of recommending users to give their feedback and selling stuff in order to get commercial benefits, in addition of adding more data and information to their companies.
Mr.Kamal said that he has tried in his research to talk about most of the problems related to ( Big Data) in addition of showing the previous methods of solving and adding data to companies and institutions. Moreover, trying to find the errors and gaps in the field, because the field is very new and wide, we have suggested this new technique to deal with Structured and Unstructured data to solve some problems having with big data, in order to find proper ways to save, add and recover big data and information for the companies, this is beneficial to companies, institutions, researchers etc.