University of Raparin and University of Kurdistan Launch Cooperative Project

   On Tuesday, February 7, 2017, in a cooperative meeting between the University of Raparin’s council headed by Asst. Pr. Dr. Mufaq Khalid Ibraim and Dr. Fakhraddin Akhlaqyan the president of the University of Kurdistan and his accompanied delegation, the two parties decided on various cooperative projects.

In the meeting they decided to build students exchange scholarship program for students in Raparin territories, especially those who want to study master, PhD or bachelor degree at the University of Kurdistan in Sanandij, Iran, the qualified students will be offered fifty percent discount of their studying fee. Based on the agreement the University of Raparin can open Persian Language courses directed by University of Kurdistan’s academic staff and the Language and development Centre at the University of Raparin will give the participants Persian Language Certificate.

Both parties decided to hold an international cooperative conference between the two universities, in this concern the faculty of humanities has done all the necessary arrangements for hosting the conference, it has also been decided that the two universities work on enhancing cooperative cultural and scientific projects in the fields of e-library, summer courses for university of Raparin’s students and teachers, in addition of doing cooperative researches.

The university of Raparin’s president formally invited the university of Kurdistan’s academic staff to participate in a conference that the university of Raparin will be holding titled in “ The Effect of Language and Literature on Rational Thinking and Scientific Development” that has been decided to be held on March, 24, 2017, at the college of education in Qaladze.

In the same day the University of Kurdistan’s delegation presented a seminar at the faculty of basic education, they explained the studying process at their university for the attendees, at the beginning of the seminar the university of Raparin’s president welcomed the delegation, after that the university of Kurdistan’s president focused on the important scientific relations between university of Kurdistan and the University of Raparin, furthermore, he talked about the effective role that young generation can play to develop and rebuild the country.
Finally, the delegation was accompanied by University of Raparin’s president for taking a tour inside the University of Raparin’s campuses and students dormitories both in Rania and Qaladize city.