University of Raparin Held the “Women in Kurds Revolution” Conference

   On Wednesday, March 8, 2017, under the patronage of his excellency Qubad Talabani, vice prime minster of Kurdistan Regional Government, in the 26 anniversary of Kurds Uprising which was coincident to the women’s day March 8, University of Raparin in cooperation with the Girls Book Group held a conference at the University of Raparin under the title “Women in Kurds Revolution and Uprising”.

The Conference was held in the occasion of the 26 anniversary of Kurds uprising and the women’s day on March 8, the conference started at 9:30 AM, and was arranged in three panels in which 12 topics were presented by researchers on the role played by women in Kurds revolution and uprising.

At the end of the conference the participant researchers and some other public figures were awarded by the University of Raparin’s presidency. The higher committee of the conference declared that in the near future they will publish the conference executives and give it to the affiliated establishments.

Conference Panels and Topics

First Panel

Director of the panel: Dr. Bahzad Wsu Hamad
First Topic by: Avin Muhammed Ibrahim, titled in “The Role of Women in Kurds Revolution in the four parts of Kurdistan”
Second Topic by: Dr. Hemin Aziz, titled in “Women in Traditional and Modern Cultural Cartography”
Third Topic by: Ashti Andulla Ismaiel, titled in “New form of Women’s struggle and the challenges of changing speech.
Fourth Topic by: Amal Lalal titled in “The Role of Women in Kurds Freedom Revolution and its Consequences”

Second Panel
Director of the Panel: Dr. Pshtiwan Shafiq Ahmed
First topic by: Ashti Hama Ali, titled in “Women’s Political Participation”
Second Topic by: Fatima Muhammed Rasul, under the title” Kurdish Women and their participation in Iranian Revolutions”

Third Topic by: Jihan Xalil, titled in “Women’s efforts in Kurds revolution in the west part of Kurdistan”.
Fourth Topic by: Dr. Rebwar Ismaiel Abdullah titled “The Role of Women in secret organizations”

Third Panel
Director of the Panel: Zara Ahmed Rasul
First Topic by: Roza Majid Mohammed, titled in “The main reasons that prevent women in participating in political activities”
Second Topic by: Fuad Muhammed Tofiq, titled in “Women’s Role in Republic Mahabad”
Third Topic by: Shler Rahman Muhammedi, titled in “Women’s Rights in East Kurdistan and its relation with Iranian Republic”
Fourth Topic by: Arazu Mahmood Khdir, titled “The Role of Women in Qaladze Uprising in 1982”