University of Raparin Held two Seminars about the Reasmus Mundus-Marhaba project

    On days, 4 and 8 Jan, 2017 the university of Raparin held two seminars about the Third round of Erasmus Mundus-Marhaba program, Mr, Araz Muhammed, member of the project committee at the University of Raparin gave an overview about the project to the attendees, following that, Mr. Araz Ramazan, the coordinator of the project at the University of Raparin explained the basic details and necessary steps for applying the program, he also talked about the European Universities that the students can apply online for studying bachelor, master, doctorate , and post-doctorate.

The Erasmus Mundus- Marhaba program is an academic exchange mobility program that includes students and staff exchange mobility between 9 European Universities, 4 Iranian Universities and 4 Iraqi Universities. The University of Raparin has been participating in the project for three years, the University of Raparin has sent candidates to the European Universities including, Master, PhD, Bachelor and academic training staff candidates.