An announcement from Eurasian Universities Union

Eurasian Universities Union has announced the (YFIP) Your Free Ideas Projected) campaign last year and asked from EURAS member universities to disseminate this information to their students and secure participation of them.
We did get response only from Palestinian students yet and we appreciated

Because the competition was an international competition we would like to extend it until end of year and do the award ceremony in Istanbul in a date that will be determined for March 2014.
The papers of the Palesitinian students will be included to those that we ll get from all EURAS members and a  fair competition will be secured.
The (YFIP) campaign is simple. Students of the Member Universities will submit in a document of 5 pages at least their ideas and explain how these ideas will be implemented what will be the scope and benefit of such ideas to be introduced and what the effects.
We ll appreciate this campaign to be disseminated through all Euras member universities.
After we get all papers EURAS evaluation committee will gather in Istanbul in January 2014 and decide about which ideas and papers to be awarded.
At least ten papers and ideas will be awarded with different prizes and the owners of these papers will be invited to Istanbul in March with a more detailed research and statement.
In addition these ten (YFIP) will be sponsored as research and development programs by different donors that are interested and these students will benefit from the program as getting free of charge postgraduate  programs in different EURAS member universities related with their subjects.
Once again I do stress all EURAS member universities to disseminate this information to their students and collect the papers by themselves,do the preliminary evaluation and then send us the papers in their final version for final evaluation by our committee.
Let us to remind that students can select any subject but it must be related with the problems of Eurasian region generally or their sociaety individually.