University of Raparin to engage in collaborative projects

Feb 5 2019. A delegate from the Sulaymaniyah Education Directorate, consisting of Mr. Dilshad Omer, the General Director, and Ranya Education managers, visited the University of Raparin to engage in collaborative projects. 

The aim of the visit was to discuss collaborative projects between the University of Raparin and the Directorate of Education, especially in Ranyah and Qaladza Districts. At the meeting both parties agreed on several points to advance their joint efforts. In addition, an agenda proposal will be drawn up to be sent to the Ministry of Higher Education to facilitate the projects discussed.
Furthermore, the General Director expressed his willingness to help the University of Raparin overcome their present position of being short-staffed by sending their degree holders to participate in these projects. Also, the University of Raparin conveyed its desire to comprehensively cooperate with the Education Directorate in many spheres of common interest.
Last but not least, a training course for lecturers is due to be launched in due course.