University of Raparin has held a conference about the quality of meat in Kurdistan.

On Wednesday, 7th November 2018, the University of Raparin held a conference to discuss the quality of meat in Kurdistan. The event took place in the university’s Activities Hall, in collaboration with the Faculty of Science.

The conference was attended by the president of Raparin University, Prof. Mufaq Khalid, along with several Raparin local government officials and Hiwa Qarani, the Governor of the Raparin area. In his opening remarks, Mr. Omed introduced the (RID) organization to the attendees and a summary of their activities was presented. During the conference, a number of topics were presented. The first topic, “Does the meat used by people in the Raparin area reach consumers’ hands in a healthy manner”, was presented by Dr. Sadi Talib. Another topic was presented by Mr. Salar, who talked about the advantages and disadvantages of red meat and how to use it in the best way. Then Najiba Hamid gave a speech about the dangers of meat to health. Mr. Hamashwan also contributed to the conference by presenting a topic about the relationship between the environment and the quality of meat. The last seminar of the conference was given by Luqman Haji Qadr. Mr.Salar’s speech concerned human rights and unhealthy meat. At the end of the conference, the attendees had an opportunity to ask questions and give their opinions about the topics.