University of Raparin Job Centre has held a seminar to introduce their activities

On Saturday, 4th November 2018, a seminar was held by the UOR Job Centre, at the Civil Engineering Department. One of the aims of the seminar was to introduce the UOR Job Centre to the attendees, and to draw their attention to some of the services which the center is going to offer to students this year. During the seminar, the “Design Day” project was also discussed.

Another objective of the event was to introduce and prepare Civil Engineering students for a significant competition, which is to be held in December by the Airex organization. Civil Engineering Department students can take part in the competition using one of their projects. The projects will then be evaluated by the Airex organization. Students who are accepted will later be invited to Baghdad to speak about their projects at the Ministry of Higher Education’s conference. Students who are interested in this competition have until November 19th to submit their projects to the UOR Job Centre. Subsequently, the projects will be sent to Airex to be evaluated.