Seminar about filling out Fulbright application forms organized at University of Raparin

A seminar about applying for the Fulbright program and how to fill out the online forms was arranged by the American organization, Amideast, in collaboration with the University International Relations department of the University of Raparin on 7th November 2018.
The Fulbright program was explained in detail, this being is one of several United States Cultural Exchange programs. Those who are graduates, have a master's degree, or who possess a PHD can apply for the program and stay in America for a period of 10 weeks. Moreover, they will acquire an American educational experience which will be of great help to their community when they return to their homeland.
In addition, only 25 applicants will have the opportunity of being accepted on to the program throughout Iraq and the application deadline is 25th November 2018.
Finally, the facilitators spoke about tuition fees, which are paid by the U.S. government. Amideast is an educational organization which has an office in Erbil, their main office being in Washington DC.