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Office of Grants & Scholarships

The Office of Grants and Scholarships was established in August 2018. Our goal is to pursue major grants to support institutional priorities and initiatives. We help faculty members find external funding to advance their research and teaching. We also help our graduates identify and apply for scholarships for further graduate studies.

Our staff is able to assist you with the following:

• discuss project ideas
• suggest funding sources or ways to identify funding sources
• demonstrate how to use funding databases
• help interpret application guidelines
• advise you during the early stages of narrative and budget development
• serve as educated general readers of proposal drafts
• facilitate the internal review of proposals and submission of grant proposals
• manage grants once awarded from sponsors

Feel free to contact us with questions or to set up an appointment

Clifford Gardner, Director, Office of Grants and Scholarships
Tel: +964 (0) 750 128 6608
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Clifford Gardner coordinates the University of Raparin’s efforts to obtain funding from local and international sponsors. He works with faculty and administrators to find external funding and foundation support for university priorities and collaborations.
Clifford joined the Office of Grants and Scholarships in September 2018 from Boston University, where he was a Senior Research Administrator in the Office of Sponsored Programs. He has over eighteen years of proven experience in the field of grants and sponsored research at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University and TGen (Phoenix, AZ). He has worked in Pakistan and Egypt and has collaborated with hospitals and universities throughout Europe and the Middle East.
Araz Mohammed Ismail, Director, Office of International Relations
Tel: +964 (0) 750 147 0216
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Araz Muhammad Ismail directs University of Raparin’s International Relations Office. He is the university’s focal point for the EU-funded TIGRIS Project for Internationalization.