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                                       2nd International Conference on Nursing Education and Health Care

International Faculty

We welcome faculty from around the world to join us as a visiting or permanent faculty member. Recent M.A. or Ph.D. graduates may apply for a one-year visiting position, faculty on sabbatical leave may join us for a term or a year, and in some cases we will hire permanent faculty in selected areas.
Current International Faculty

Aboubakr Adarbar
Assistant Lecturer,Mathematics
Omid Amiri
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Hiwa Ahmad Aziz Hassanzadeh
Assistant Lecturer,Computer Science

Jafar Majidpour
Assistant Lecturer,Computer Science
Nosaibah Ebrahimi
Assistant Professor,Chemistry
Tracy Fuad
English Lecturer
Rozhin Yousefjani
Assistant Professor,Physics
Hedayat Mohammadsharif Sharifi
Assistant Lecturer, Mathematics
David Sloan
English Lecturer
United Kingdom

For more information, download our Brochure for Visiting Faculty
Areas of Interest & Teaching/Research expectations
While we welcome applications from any discipline, the following areas are of the most interest to the University at this time: English, Mathematics, Early Education, Philosophy, History, Law, Geography, Nursing, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Computer Technology, Arabic.
The normal teaching load at the University of Raparin is 12 contact hours for regular faculty and 15 contact hours for English Instructors. However, contact hours can be offset by previously agreed upon research and/or administrative duties. Visiting faculty will be expected to contribute to one of our current programs through a teaching and/or research agenda that will complement and help strengthen our current faculty and student options. This may include:
• Teaching senior seminars to advanced students
• Teaching core and basic courses with a translator or local team teacher
• Conducting research related to education, Kurdistan, or other topics that may be of mutual interest, especially in collaboration with our regular faculty.
• A combination of teaching and research.
• In some cases, visiting faculty can provide invaluable assistance in helping us to develop or expand our curriculum in current or new disciplines.

Visiting and permanent international faculty will be eligible for the following benefits:
• Salary based on academic degree and experience
• Furnished Accommodation with utilities
• Reimbursement for Round-Trip airfare
• Residence Visa
If you are interested
… or if you have any questions, please contact our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or call +964 (0) 772-304-1313 (available also with Viber and telegram)
Please let us know your academic status, area of interest, and potential plans.