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                                       2nd International Conference on Nursing Education and Health Care


Sardar Abdalla

Although my stay in Spain was short, thanks to Erasmus Mundus Marhaba. I have had different activities inside and outside the university. At the beginning I attended a Spanish course and it was very exciting to learn a new language and get to know a number of fellow students from different backgrounds and cultures. During the course we shared our experiences got to know with the basics of Spanish with better understanding and speaking abilities.

Moreover, attending seminars and having some tours around the city with other Erasmus students gave me the opportunity to explore more and get involved in different activities as well as seeing many extraordinary places. I shall not forget how helpful the Erasmus Network of Almeria were in terms of anything that students may face and they were always there to help and offer as much as they could. I actually loved their dedication.

Thanks to this opportunity to study abroad, I was introduced to different great methods of teaching which I found beneficial and advantageous.For instance, flipped learning is employed there which was totally new to me. Moreover,I was in a multicultural class. Thus, I learnt different things from my colleagues which gave me the opportunity to share my experience with some great and friendly students at the university. Further, professors at the university showed me the importance of
continuously pursuing knowledge and being friendly with  students all the time. I was impressed by their simplicity, indeed.

With regard to Masters study, though, it was undoubtedly intensive and challenging but I am thrilled that it went well and I could successfully overcome the
challenges. Moreover, the Master coordinator and professors were exceptionally motivating and encouraging. I learnt much from the beginning till the end of the study.
I have also carried out my research experiment with a number of supportive colleagues with whom I spent days carrying out the research. Actually,
we did great and the research project resulted well at the end.

having that experience, now I understand what exactly research is and how it should be carried out. Precisely, I learnt how to conduct a scientific research project and got the key for my future research studies. I believe such projects can help our university to improve in many ways, such as conducting research, enhancing staff capabilities, vision to change, desire to contribute, etc. Thus, the university develops to a better level and can one day be internationally recognized.

Although the project has already ended, the existence of such projects can be one of the best opportunities for students to follow their dreams. I believe every
single detail of the project was in the first place useful for the grantees because it allowed us to experience many different things that have not been possible before. For instance, Iraqi Kurdistan students are deprived from many different opportunities and such programs like Erasmus Mundus Marhaba enable us to share all the experience we get through it once we return to home country and contribute as much as we can to enhance the country and the places where we work.

For me the experience of traveling, new cultures, new education system, new languages, a new university, visiting a new continent, meeting
different students from different cultures, sharing my culture with others, getting to know as many colleagues as possible, exploring the world, breaking the barriers of life,sharing courage, passion and many other things are the positive aspects of this mobility that I will be grateful about throughout my life.

Finally, I should admit that I have never been so grateful for such opportunity in my life. THANKS AGAIN TO ERASMUS MUNDUS MARHAB and those behind it.

Sardar Abdalla Hussein
Master in English Studies

Nabaz Ali Ahmed
Dear international relations staff at university of Raparin My name is Nabaz Ali Ahmed, I finished master’s degree at the university of Almeria-Spain. I think Marhaba project is an excellent project for academic and personal development in general, I also improved my skills in research writing and specialty which is in physiotherapy. After that I supervised 5 graduate researches of students. Best regards