0 The University of Raparin - Scientific Research Center

                                       2nd International Conference on Nursing Education and Health Care

Scientific Research Center

The Scientific Research Center is responsible for promoting and fomenting scientific research at the University of Raparin. This directorate is under the direct supervision of the Presidency.
The aims of the center are:
1. To support and carry out basic scientific research that will advance society’s general knowledge of our world.
2. To use applied science to answer questions and issues facing our communities.
3. To provide specific responses based on sound scientific principles to government and private sector initiatives.
4. To publish quality scientific articles, or to assist in their publication.
5. To organize scientific seminars and conferences at the university or elsewhere.
6. To maintain on-going relationships with other scientific centers in Kurdistan and beyond that will support collaboration on scientific research.

This directorate consists of these departments:
1. Office of educational and humanities research.
2. Office of biological research.
3. Office of statistics and data analysis.
4. Office of administration and accounting.

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Contact number +9647511558347     +9647701542625

Names Job Title Work Position Duty Specialization Certificate
Dr. Bahzad wsu Hamad Lecturer General Manager General manager General Surgery PHD
 Dr. Emad Abdulqadir Mohamad  Assistant Pro. Office of Humanities and Education Manager  Ancient History   PHD 
 Dara Mohamad Aziz Assistant Lecturer   Office of Biological Research Manager   Chemistry  Master
 Aram Qadir Sabir Lecturer  Translation and Archive   Office administrator Philosophy  Master 
 Hemin Mahmud Khdir  Assistant Lecturer  Office of Statistics  Office administrator Economic Statistics Master 
 Hawar Ahmad Muhamad Amin  Assistant Farming Mentor Support  Typing dossiers  Agriculture  Diploma 
 Salah Mina Naby  Observer  Support Typing dossiers  Economic  BA
 Kamaran Khalid Hussain  Researcher Support   Typing dossiers Philosophy  BA