0 The University of Raparin - Personnel Directorate

                                       2nd International Conference on Nursing Education and Health Care

Directorate of Personnel

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Names Job Title Work Position Duty Specialization Certificate
Khalil Anwar Hussain Assistant Lecturer Personal directorate Manager Administration Master
Luqman Braim Ahmad Manager Print  section Study leave History BA
Darya Syamand Mamand Researcher Incoming and issued Issued Archeologist BA
Hemin Abdulla Maulud Observer Employees Salary Administration Diploma
Nishtiman Ahmad Abdulla Statistics Incoming and issued Scanning issued texts Statistics BA
Kale Mahmud Rasull Assistant Lecturer Incoming and issued Incoming Kurdish language BA
Rozhgar Babakir Muhamad Assistant Researcher Incoming and issued Maternity leave Arabic language BA
Rezhna Faruq Abdulla Assistant Researcher Employees Salary Philosophy BA
Alan Abdulla Ahmad Observer Employees   Administration BA
Paiman Qadir Ibrahim Technical Observer   Print section General texts  Computer  Diploma 
Rzgar Muhamad Aziz  Assistant Observer  Chamber of database and information   Data and information  Administration  BA
Shallaw Miqdad Aziz  Technical Observer  Dossiers  Scanning dossiers  Computer  Diploma 
Nergs Abdulla Hamadamin Technical Observer Incoming and issued Unpaid leave Computer Diploma
Ranjdar Mahmud Othman Technical Observer Chamber of print Study leave Computer Diploma
Bestun Pirot Hamadamin Postman Personnel Internal postman   Elementary