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                                       2nd International Conference on Nursing Education and Health Care

Directorate of health and safety

Directorate of Health and Safety is one of the Directorates at University of Raparin that’s directly affiliated to the University President’s office. This directorate is a place which takes the responsibility of looking after and checking the medical conditions in the buildings inside the university including, studying halls, laboratory, lecturers, staff room, cafeterias, dormitories , accommodation, water resources and building cesspits  through its special committees in the faculties.
This directorate tries to get the following aims:
1-    Checking and detecting all the problems such as, physical, chemical, biological, mechanical, psychological and sociological conditions that my affect teacher’s and employees life inside the university.
2-    Improving health and safety conditions inside the university by supplying and giving instruments in a best way for the sake of convincing families and guests at the university.
3-    It’s expected that sometimes problems may happen in any enlivenment including universities, in this concern we are trying to find out and detect problems in order to find solutions for these problems and expectations and having less harm, we also try to fulfill necessities and giving recommendations to the faculties and administrative units inside the university in addition of supplying fire extinguisher instruments for the faculties and departments.
Fields included in the directorate’s framework:
1-    Environmental system inside the university including inside and outside the buildings and planting green plants at the university campuses.
2-    Health conditions and public services such as , electrical system, water management, building cesspit system, lighting system, air condition, instrument safety, arranging and removing useless and dirty things .
Normal Waste Products      
Laboratory Products such as     Water supplier                                    Dangers    This directorate is combined of the directorate’s staff and four rooms:
Room of Health and Safety at Faculty of Science
Room of Health and Safety at Faculty of Humanities
Room of Health and Safety at Faculty of Basic Education
Room of Health and Safety at Faculty of Education /Qaladize Each of these Rooms has these dedicated committees
Special committee for observing buildings, studying halls, Laboratories, staff’s room
Dormitories observing committee
Cafeteria observing committee
Contact Information:
Phone Number: 07480642912
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