0 The University of Raparin - Directorate Media and Publications

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Directorate of Media and Publications

Department of Public Relations, Media, and Publications in University of Raparin is an important organ as it has a permanent presence for its role in shedding lights on the overall activities and events in the University of Raparin. Besides, it funds those activities and events, which often occur within the routine of administrative institutions of the University. Units of the Department: 

Its division is made up of units directly related to the directorate The Units 1. Public Relations Unit 2. Media Unit 3. Publications unit The Public Relations, Media and Publications place a great importance in any organization, whether in the governmental sectors or private sector. It is the means through which these institutions target audiences and interact continually. Media and Public relations efforts are planned and organized by the individual or organization to gain public confidence and mutual understanding through communication, policies and continuous actions to meet desired needs within the framework of what is possible and legitimate.        It is also known as the profession that measures, evaluates and interprets the trends of the different audiences that are relevant to the organization and then assisting the management in setting goals designed to create harmonic relations between the organizations and their audiences, as well as seeking to achieve a balance between organizational goals and objectives, interests and needs of the masses. Responsibilities     Organizing and establishing relations between local universities and outside universities in the region and in the world
    Receive the university guests invited from various units and departments
    Organize social events, parties and ceremonies
    Act as liaison between all the departments administrations and units
    Act as liaison between the other administration and the other units when needed
    Prepare the University newsletter and information regarding educational topics, reports and items to be published in the newspapers and magazines
    Monitor news that is published about the University, and documenting  it legally
    Prepare pieces of writing for all the TV or radio programs that are decided to be done about the University.
    Monitor, print and distribute various pamphlets, booklets and all the printed materials that are related to the academic programs that are given at the University
    Contact the reporters and broadcasters inside and out side Kurdistan-Iraq
    Issue the periodic magazine of the University- which is like a mirror of the University 12.  Organize and prepare for the general seminars and lectures that the university holds and supervises the operations of such activities Contact us on: Website www.uor.edu.krd Emails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Emails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. TEL: 009647480191424      Iraq-Sulaimania- Rania General Street-University Presidency Faculty of Basic Education and Humanities Science School of Humanities Science