0 The University of Raparin - Administration Directorate

                                       2nd International Conference on Nursing Education and Health Care

Administration Directorate

 In the university hierarchy Administration Directorate is directly linked to university vice-president for Administrative and Financial Affairs. It contains departments such as: Services, Transportation, Store and Provision, Generators and Transformers, Reception, Kindergarten and Repairing and Art Department. This directorate carries out duties such as supervising university presidency employees’ signatures at their arrival and departure and giving them legal permission when needed. Permissions given in faculties and schools are also dealt with in this directorate. While on visit to carry out university duties, Administration Directorate fills out a form to university employees to dispatch them and to refund them later on. This directorate is also to provide cars for university faculties and schools to facilitate their duties. Electricity and water supply systems within the university are supervised, and repaired when needed, by employees of the Department of Repairing and Art. Moreover, employees working on the generators provide faculties and schools with generated electricity when the public electricity is cut.