0 The University of Raparin - Accounting Directorate

Financial Directorate

This directorate is affiliated to the office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance. It is responsible for all administrative and accounting matters which are related to the University.

The Financial Directorate fulfills the following tasks:
1. Preparing the list of the monthly salary of the employees, lecturers, and contract teachers
2. Control all the data of the university.
3. Supplemental expenditures of the university.
4. Arranging delegation, travelling, lecturers, visitors and committee of examination expenses.
5. Preparing expenses and special income to the fund of the university.
6. Recording all the accounting documents.
7. Archiving all receipts and expenditures.
8. Preparing audits.
Contact information:
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contact number +964(0)770-120-0268


Names Job Title Work Position Duty Specialization Certificate

Halmat Rasul

Accountant Manager  Managing and supervising the work of the directorate   Financial and accounting  BA
Hawkar Ahmad Muhamad Assistant Researcher   Typing and preparing record document monitoring Accountant BA
Salam Mahmud Hamad Accountant Budget and expenditure Disclosure of expenses and revenues and preparing register customizations Accountant BA
Kamaran Ibrahim Swra Assistant Accountant Budget and expenditure Supervisor of the budget office and expenditure Accountant Diploma
Karwan Ismail Abass Assistant Accountant Budget and expenditure Treasurer Accountant BA
Pzhdar Aziz Hassan Assistant Accountant Budget and expenditure Preparing travel reimbursements of lecturers and visitors Accountant Diploma
Barham Hassan Mustafa Assistant Accountant Budget and expenditure Vouchers Financial and Bank BA
Shamal Muhamad Ismail  Accountant  Budget and expenditure Arranging audit budget, revenue fund, daily document and Marriage advances register.   Accountant BA 
 Rebin Abdulqadir Rasul  Accountant  Salary Preparing the salary   Accountant BA 
 Rebaz Abdulla Mahmud  Accountant Salary  Responsible of office of salary  Accountant  BA 
Shukrya Ahmad Muhamad  Accountant   Salary Preparing the list of salary for Qaladze Campus   Accountant Diploma 
 Yad Mena Taha  Accountant Salary  Preparing the salary of the teachers Rania Campus   Accountant  BA
Sara Muhamad Ali Hama   Technical Assistant Salary   Preparing salary of the contract teachers Technical assistant  Diploma 
 Hemin Hama Abdan  Accountant Accountant projects   Supervising the accounting of projects  Accountant BA 
 Salahadin Maghded Hussen  Assistant Accountant  Projects accountant  Treasurer, revenue record and arranging database for the salary of the employees and teachers  Commercial and Bank BA 
 Herish Fathulla Ahmad  Accountant Projects accountant   On leave Accountant  BA 
Chnar Muhamad Khdir   Assistant Accountant  Budget and expenditure  Preparing delegation and travelling accounts Accountant  Diploma 
Saman Othman Omar Accountant Projects accountant On leave Accountant BA