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Directorate of General Registration

The Registration Directorate (Equivalent to Registrar’s Office) is responsible for maintaining all academic-related records and information regarding students who are enrolled at the University of Raparin. Once any student is admitted, their information must be collected by the Registrar. All their classes, grades, and any other academically relevant information is then maintained in their record until, at graduation, the Registrar must confirm whether the student had completed all requirements for their degree.
The Registrar’s Directorate is also the office of record where all approved course programs must be filed and official versions of programs validated. No program at the University can exist with being properly approved and filed with the registrar’s office.
1. Providing support and advice to students wishing to gain admission to the University through parallel system, direct academic system and evening colleges.
2. Registering all students who are accepted for admission according to their admission status.
3. Arranging for student transport and accommodation when necessary.
4. Receiving and responding to all formal letters and emails which are related to the baccalaureate study.
5. Approving university decree that students have completed requirements for graduation.
6. Approving university decree for students who terminate or delay their studies.
7. Tracking, archiving, and publishing when necessary all statistics about students such as average grade, pass/fail rates, etc.
8. Providing transcripts and certificates to students and their authorized recipients.
Manager of the directorate
The manager duty is supervising and observing the directorate, set a mechanism for work and arranging the works with coordination of the others. He also arranges the relation with other relevant offices according to the rules and instructions.
Directorate of Registration consists of three offices:
1. The Office of Admission approves and accepts all new admitted students through the central admissions system or local admissions system (Zankoline system, direct system, parallel system and evening colleges). It also helps and gives instructions to those students who wants to change their university.
2. The Office of Certificates provides degree certificates in English, Arabic and Kurdish for graduates for a small fee. (It also creates certificates for Scientific Islamic Institute of Rania which is affiliated to the Raparin university.) The types of certificates provided are:
a. Wall certificates available in English, Kurdish or Arabic.
b. Certificates in English, Kurdish or Arabic that students can use to apply to graduate school.
c. Employment Certificate which is provided only on receipt of an official letter from the student’s employer.
d. Support letter in Kurdish.
Certificate and Support letter requirements
a. Full name
b. Passport (if available)
c. Name of College, Department, year of graduate and round of passing.
d. Photos
e. Payment according to the instructions.

3. The Office of Correspondence accepts and issues all official correspondence regarding student academic files. All such letters are maintained in private dossiers.

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contact number

Names Job Title Work Position Duty Specialization Certificate
Dr Hazhar Qadir Ibrahim Lecturer  General Registrar Manager Physiology Doctor
 Othman Abdulrahman Hamad  Assistant Lecturer  General Registrar    Chemistry  Master
Parwin Amin Ali  Advanced Manager  Administrator of Admissions   High school    
Mryam Muhamad Ahmad  Statistician  Office of Admissions  Statistics    BA
Bzhar Ibrahim Ahmad  Assistant Technical  Office of Admissions   Computer    Diploma
Midya Ibrahim Tamr Aziz   Supervisor of Data Office of Admissions       High school
Twana Aziz Mustafa   Statistics Office of Certificates     Statistics  BA
 Banaz Ibrahim Ghafur Observer   Office of Certificates Arabic language    BA 
Hawker Naby Ahmad   Statistics Office of Certificates    Statistics  BA 
Muhamad Ibrahim Abdulla  Manager   Office of Certificates Arabic language     BA
Avesta Ibrahim Baiz Translator
Office of Correspondence   French language    BA
Belana Abubakr Ali  Assistant Researcher   Office of Correspondence  Economics    BA