0 The University of Raparin - Structure of University

                                       2nd International Conference on Nursing Education and Health Care

The Structure of University of Raparin

University of Raparin consists of two campuses, one locating in Rania and the other in Qaladze.
University of Raparin consists of three faculties, one school and three departments as the following:
1-College of Basic Education/ Rania Campus
2-Collage of Humanities Science/ Rania Campus
3-College of Education/ Qaladze Campus
*School of Nursing
*Department of Biology
*Department of Physics
*Department of Chemistry

1- College of Basic Education consists of nine departments overall, five morning classes , four evening classes as shown below:
- Department of Mathematics
- Department of Computer Science
- Department of Kurdish
- Department of Arabic
- Department of Kindergarten
- Department of Mathematics/ Evening
- Department of Kurdish/ Evening
- Department of Arabic/Evening
- Department of General Science/Evening

2-College of Humanities Science, consisting of four departments which are:
- Department of Law
- Department of History
- Department of Geography
- Department of Philosophy

3-College of Education in Qaladze consists of one school, including three departments:
- Department of English
- Department of Kurdish
- Department of Arabic