President’s message

Dear visitor,
Welcome to the Raparin University website. In this website you can find information about our university, our courses, our academic and administrative staff, and scientific and cultural activities of our faculties.
The University of Raparin was founded in 2011 as a regional university providing educational excellence in the Raparin District and surrounding areas such as Ranya, Qaladize and Hajywa.
Our goal is to provide a resource for people in this region to be able to join the development of scientific and technological knowledge, allowing them to compete effectively in the job market.

For our students, we strive to provide an optimal educational environment in which you may succeed, but we also ask from you your utmost attention to your studies and your scientific development so that you can contribute to the development and enlightenment of our country, province and district.
We also have many programs to support the development of our teaching and administrative staff to improve overall teaching quality and academic research which will benefit students directly and also promote the standing of the University.
Finally, we seek to open channels of communication, both within Kurdistan and abroad, with other institutions of Higher Education in order to give our students and staff access to opportunities available in the global educational community.