Message of Dean

The College of Nursing at University of Raparin has a special place in my heart. I am very proud, as a dean of the college of nursing in Raparin administration that has astonish history in the Kurds revolution in Kurdistan region in Iraq. The college is established in 2008, it is located in a lovely city in Kurdistan region called Rayna.Dr. Sanna

I can say this is a home of the nursing profession in the country and one of the contemporary nursing programs in the country; I am with my team in the college pride ourselves on giving students the individualized attention they deserve. We focus on transforming health care and improving health care services as well as nursing care. I am also honored that during my term in college of nursing postgraduate degree has opened in both master and doctoral level.

We teach our nursing students be better prepared for working in variety of health and nursing care settings. We trying to provide an innovative technology to our labs of practice for our students to be better prepared and empowered them with new knowledge and skills that required by the labor markets 
Our undergraduate and practice-based graduate students have the opportunity to study and work in a variety of clinical environments, from small community-based clinics to large, and large teachings hospitals in all cities of KRG. In addition, our state-of-the art simulation lab is an important part of our curriculum, and helps prepare students to meet the challenges they will encounter as nursing professionals.

Assistant Professor 

Dr. Sanaa Hassan Abdulsahib PhD, MSc, BSc

Dean of the College

Message of vice Dean

I am honored to be the Vice- Dean of The College of Nursing at University of Raparin. Which I am one of the establishment member in 2008.  It is one of the colleges among other colleges in Iraq and Kurdistan region has some unique characteristics; one of them is focusing on subspecialties in postgraduate studies. Our graduates at the bachelor, master levels are ViceDeancontributing in the development of the nursing and health services in this region, and our alumni are contributing to the Iraq and Kurdistan community in leadership, research and entrepreneurial positions.

I am with Dean and all faculties and administration staffs are supporting students at all level of studies to achieve their goals and participating in the development of nursing profession and health care services in this country. We are also committed to educate future generations of health care providers to be pioneer in the providing health care services.

Nurses who are holding bachelor degree are in high demand locally and globally. Hospitals, clinics, nursing care settings and a variety of other clinical facilities now prefer nurses with bachelor’s degrees, especially those who have completed internships after graduation. We are preparing a nurse to be able work in variety of national and international health care settings. Hence, from this year (2018) college of nursing is implementing bologna process and our curriculum totally changed.  

Team working in the college of nursing to develop academic programs, practice, and research has carried us far along the path to success. Therefore, I am here to help, my colleagues, staffs, and students to achieve a common vision – delivering innovative solutions that will create the best hope for a healthier future. We educate nursing leaders.

Ribwar A. Mohammed MSc, BSc


Vice-Dean for Scientific Affairs