History of college

The department of the animal resources is a scientific department at the University of Raparin, located in the Qaladze Campus of the University of Raparin in the City of Qaladze. The department as part of the college of agricultural engineering sciences was established on the demand of the University of Raparin in 2015 according to the ministerial order number (4/10368), dated 26/5/2015. The department enrolls both male and female scientific branch students from secondary and preparatory school graduates. The department awards a Bachelor's degree in Animal Resource at the end of a four-year study. The Curriculum in the department is the same as the syllabuses across Kurdistan region and comprised of foundation courses and some other topics which have been divided into 4 years (eight semesters), each semester begins in Fall and end by mid-December, the Second Semester begins in February and end by mid-May. Teaching is in the English language and the lectures are taught both theoretically and practically at the laboratories and fields of the department. Besides, those students have summer training in the third year of study in the department’s field and other projects related to the department.
The department has an agreement with the Department of Animal Science of Kurdistan University in Sina-Iran, the bilateral agreement is for student mobility, within the framework of the agreement the students would complete their third- and fourth-year studies there and then come back to Kurdistan.